– letting go حي على الحرية حي على التحرر

ما اصعب بل ما اكثر ايلاما ان تكون اسيرا للماضي ان تكون  عبدا لموروث لالام ليس سهلا وليس بهين ولكنه اكثر اهميه واكثر حتمية ان نتخلص من ثقل الماضي بكل مافيه من الم بكل ما فيه من  الم من اشخاص مؤذيه من أشخاص دمرونا او كما نعتقد انهم دمرونا

الحياة مليئة بالتجارب المؤلمه انا الان في رحله وفي مرحله للتخلص من هذا العبء والالم ليس سهلا لقد اصبحت كالظمأن الذي يحلم بالماء من فرط العطش فانا كلما احلم انني اتعلق باستار الكعبه مناجيا الله ان ينجيني من الماضي من الخوف الذي توارثته

اللهم حررني اللهم بجاه رسولك الكريم ان طهر قلبي وانر عقلي وروحي يارب حررني  وخذني مني اليك انك انت الوهاب المعطاء




When you fail to show your love, care respect to your family

When you fail to be yourself, am not sure is it the time to go, any suggestions?!

If you watched Unleashed, I enslaved by my family, others thoughts. It’s painful to be something else except yourself, I do my best to live in peace, and harmony with myself and others, but am surrounded by people bring the Damon out of you.

I prevent the hell out of me, I don’t want to harm anybody. But they push. I tasted love and I discovered inner beauty and love. So I cannot harm, fight. Am not weak but I hold destructive energy that I don’t want to harm anybody. This time am so frustrated, angry, and disappointed

Inner Discovery

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” Khalil Gibran

did you have the chance to discover your inner beauty , enjoy the true you

me too after 20 years I discovered that I was a mirror to people thoughts , believes

the Journey of inner discovery , and being myself totally occupy me . each wall I remove I discover a new one prevent me from sensing and enjoying my inner beauty and peace

I know the road is tough and long . but the inner beauty is worth a try

may be we cannot follow this quote

“Sometimes you need a thick curtain around you to make a journey within you! You will not see anyone and no one will see you and then you are with yourself ready to start an inner journey!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan , but again be yourself and enjoy your strength

today I wish and pray for everyone starting with myself to reach the inner Harmony and beauty