Abusive Relationships

How many times we disrespected ourselves and attached to an abusive relationship

Let me define what is an abusive relationship:

  • It’s that sort of relationships that squeeze your soul
  • It will bring the worst out of you

You keep doing your best to keep this relationship and tell yourself “it will be much better ” , “I love this person”

What about you? Love yourself , respect it and let it go , just Go who care will keep caring whatever the distance.



From the amazing Movie PK

From PK Movie I watched this afternoon
PK talking to higher authority Religion Man (like Pop in Christianity, and Azhar Sheikh in Islam) :

There are two Gods… One is the one who created us all. The other one is the one created by people like you. We know nothing about the God who made us all. But the God people like you made… Is exactly like you Liar, pretend to act, Giving false promises. Meeting rich people sooner, Letting the poor neglected, Happy when get praised, People are afraid to even say word. My right number is very simple. The God who created us all Put faith in Him, And the God people like you created – The duplicate god – Destroy it

this Movie made my day , a lot of deep spirituality believes

Atheist, Moshrek and Kafer

Good Morning

in My dictionary ;

Atheist, Moshrek and Kafer :

  • Any  barrier  (either human, spiritual, or whatever ) that stands between us and the true holly inner
  • the human who stands between our rights to live in harmony with our inner , and with others
  • Any act of racism
  • Any act of violence

Instead of judging people by their colors, religion, believes . start cleaning your inner and remove any barriers that prevent you from interacting with others as human being

My early prayers and wish for peace to be spread , for love to be the communication channel

Peace begins with a smile.

Mother Teresa

Winter 2014: Musical Inspiration

~ L to the Aura ~

Every season, I share an artistic expressions that have inspired me. This month I’d like to share some music that has resonated, and I hope it speaks to you as well.

I would love to hear what music has inspired you over the past season, in the comments below!

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Live In The Moment, is it that Easy

Today I suffer from Insomnia; I opened my laptop and this idea came to my mind “Live in the Moment, is it that Easy”

How can you balance of the stress life, doing your best , and live in the moment

I searched in GoodReads site, and found four pages of quotes about live in moment like

  • “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
  • “Why not just live in the moment, especially if it has a good beat?”
    ― Goldie Hawn
  • “Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.”
    ― Albert Einstein

And my question is how can you apply that practically, am serious how, I cannot find the answer , and this stress me

Imagine poor person, has sick child, and blind woman (I say the extreme to make my idea clear ) how can U apply the above quote ?!!! Tell me

It’s not an argue , it’s a deep question , Can anyone help me ?!! share with me your idea, experience

Have a nice Day



معظمنا يعرف قصه راسبوتين  ذلك الراهب في الظاهر الداعر السكير الجاسوس بالليل . استغل الدين لأغراضه الخبيثه هل انتهى ذلك هل داعش هي حقا فصيل غير متكرر على المستوى الشخصي . أؤكد لكم لا وهذا ما سنعرفه في القصه التالية بطلها السلاموني دجال اخر لبس لبس الصوفيه والطريق الروحي واليكم القصه:

بطل القصه خريج السجون غير متعلم -كل هاا لا يعبيه فكلا منا له ظروفه – المهم مافلعه . لبس هذا الرجل لباس المعلم الروحي ذو القوة الذي يستطيع ان يقتل هذا بكلمه منه للسماء وانه عرف الدرب الى السماء فالتف حوله مجموعه لا بأس به من الصادقيين الطامعين في السلام الداخلي والخير والمحبه للارض ولانفسهم فماذا فعل ذلك الداعر :

  • امر اتباعه ان نيزهدوا في الدنيا فالمدرس لا يطور من نفسه وهكذا . ولكنه استغل اتباعه اسوء الاستغلال في محلاته وكأن عقدة النقص مسيطرة عليه فتجد الرجل يترك دراسته وعلمه وحياته ليخدم في محلاته ، نعم محلات العصير اللتي لم يغلقها مدعي التقشف
  • ترك ابنه يموت من النزيف وهما انه لم تأته الاشاره ان يطلب له الطبيب . وكأنه السوس في الزرع انتقل لأتباعه فتبعوه مغيبين فاصبحوا يزهدوا في الاخد بالاسباب في الدنيا وخسروا المال والصحه
  • تسبب في ان تطلق ابنته من زوجها وكان عنيف قاصي

الا ايها الدجال الأثم التعيس القذر وانت قد مت ماذا تركت من تركه ايها العفن

اسر مدمرة فقيره مريضه

اشخاص قساة القلب على اسرهم لا يحبونهم

اشخاص مرضى نفسيين لهم اسر

ايها الداعر اي طريق روحي واي سنة سيئه تركت ايه اللعين نعم مسؤولية من تبعوك ولكن كالشيطان استغللت طيبتهم وحبهم للخير ايها النجس