SpeakEgypt app now available

iPadImage-Appname-Landscape (2)Speak Egypt Dictionary is the first to come out with over 2500 words and updating regularly plus audio for all.
Each word is written in Arabic, voweled Arabic, English & transliteration. With the ability to hear the word in Arabic, and broken in syllables.
You can search for words in Arabic, English or transliteration.
You can browse your history or use the “Favorite” feature to come back to the words you marked.
Speak Egypt Dictionary covers over 55 groups and more will come!
This app is one of several that would help and ease your Egyptian Arabic learning process.

now in Android  Market, and soon will be for IOS devices

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partner rights

“Love does not request, love provides”
Norbert Harms

Woman: will you define her according to the boring biological definition, or as light, soul, mysterious covered with earthly body J

Why I say that? Cause if you treat her as sexual machine, u r totally mistaken and u r about to lose her

Let’s do a check list:

  • How many time u give your partner a care touch.
  • How fat you trust her.
  • How far u help her with her dreams, specially the career one.
  • Do u celebrate her success?
  • What about respect to her mind, soul and body
  • How far do you know about her feelings?
  • How far do you know about her mind?
  • How far do you care about The Human you live with


Wish this help everyone to rethink about how he treat his wife, girl friend.

Woman are equal to man in all aspects, and she needs respect, care and appreciation

jizya (jizyah) in Islam

First of All let’s put some points while reading any holy verses :

  • we should agree that who illustrate the verses is human can be mistaken
  • we all have mind to use , and you’re free to agree or not about anything
  • To read verses you should first know the language meaning ,the time of the verses and the circumstances that this verses was said in it

so let’s start :

the word jizya just was said  only once like this in Quraan :

” Fight those people of the Book who do not believe in God and the Last Day, who do not prohibit what God and His Apostle have forbidden, nor accept divine law, until all of them pay protective tax in submission” verse 29 , At-Twbah

circumstances and time :  Battle of Tabouk

it’s a special condition verse, and for certain reason , so we cannot generalize it

OK let’s back to the early years of the prophet Mohamed  arrival to Al Madinah, and the roles he put after the people of Al Madinah selection to him to lead them (Constitution of Medina):

  1. The security of God is equal for all groups,
  2. Non-Muslim members will have the same political and cultural rights as Muslims. They will have autonomy and freedom of religion.
  3. Non-Muslims will take up arms against the enemy of the Ummah and share the cost of war. There is to be no treachery between the two.
  4. Non-Muslims will not be obliged to take part in religious wars of the Muslims

and through the early Islamic period  Jizyah definition was a per capita tax levied on a section of an Islamic state’s non-Muslim subjects, who meet certain criteria. The tax is and was to be levied on able-bodied adult males of military age (but with specific exemptions)

From all the above we can conclude the following:

Mohamed the prophet equated between all the people , the Qura’an verse which speaks about jizya has special case and circumstance so we cannot globalize it

who globalized the idea of jizya and used it are human can be mistaken , so wwe cannot follow them blindly

and for

Isis  (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) , and who adopt their crazy ideas totally mistake , and not follow either the Islamic religion or any humanitarian approach